About Us


Isn’t it stressful having to navigate through multiple websites in hopes of finding that great deal?

At Shopira, we understand your time is valuable, so we exist to offer you ease.

We have combed through independent, national, and international suppliers to bring you the best quality products. Also, we have done the price analysis to ensure you’re getting the best prices.

We are your one-stop shop. Here you’ll find the latest Apparel fashion for men, women, and kids, as well as home essentials & trendy décor, the latest in electronics, and something special for your pet.


Let us find it for you

I bet you wonder what we do differently and why do the most discerning shoppers keep coming back? Why do we have such a broad reach?

 Answer: Because WE PUT YOU FIRST.

We greatly value the Voice of The Customer (VOC). Our priority is to satisfy you by ensuring that we have EVERYTHING YOU ARE LOOKING FOR.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Let us find it for you. We have connections with major manufacturers and distributors, so fill out our contact form and tell us what you’re looking for. We’ll do the searching and price comparisons, so you won’t have to.



Partner with us

If you are an independent retailer with an inventory of products you would like to sell and are looking to avoid exorbitant fees to set up shop, please contact us to see how you can partner with Shopira to market and grow your online presence. You’ll be glad you did.






 Free USA shipping and discounted International Shipping

We proudly ship our products from within the United States. This allows us to offer FREE and fast shipping & returns within the continental United States.

Why wait a month or more for your order?

Some of our competitors fail to mention that they ship from abroad, causing lengthy delivery timelines – we don’t.

We also have partnership deals with manufacturers and distributors with a worldwide presence; this allows us to offer discounted international shipping.


Shop with confidence

Have you ever browsed through an online big-box retailer just to be bombarded with ads and have your email spammed with shopping suggestions from them and 3rd party stores that you never even visited before?

Yep! Big box Retailers and other E-commerce companies are notorious for selling user data. Many of these companies do not value your privacy or share your values; they are quick to sell your search and shopping data to advertisers, who spam you with numerous adverts.

So, why would you give your hard-earned money to companies who would undermine your values, privacy, rights, and sell you out? I bet you don’t want to.

The Good News is that with Shopira, you have a positive alternative. A God-centric, family value company. We value your privacy; We only collect information needed to process your order, and we do not sell your data to anyone. See our Privacy Policy for more details.